NPO Gorizont, LLCcompletes the development of a range of thermal imagers for application in the following products of its own design and manufacturing:
Mobile Patrol Complex “Patriot-Okapi”,
Coastal Mobile Complex of water surface environment monitoring «Patriot- Okapi -Gals»,
Mobile Patrol Complex of video surveillance «Patriot-Okapi-Ortikon»,
Stationary Complex «Rapsodyia»,
Vessel Traffic Control System (VTCS),
Airfield control radar .
The unique character of the optical system is that it has a modular structure, i.e. the lens of required characteristics can be installed to the same electro-mechanical structural element.
Unmanned Helicopter of ÎÀÎ “GORIZONT” is guarding the Olympic Village During the entire XXII Winter Olympic Games and Special Olympic Games, the Unmanned Aerial Complex “GORIZONT AIR S-100” is operating in Adler due to the beneficial cooperation of SCHIEBEL Company (Austria) and OAO “GORIZONT” (Russia). In particular in the frame of search and rescue tasks UAC “GORIZONT AIR S-100” is patrolling the area of 50 kilometers from the sea side around the Olympic Village. S-100 certifies once again its name as ultramodern unmanned vehicle of VTOL type for universal use. It doesn’t require any takeoff runway or special aircraft ground equipment and it can be used both from the vessel and from the land. This Unmanned Aerial Complex “GORIZONT AIR S-100” has a mobile design assuring rapid deployability in emergency situations. During the entire XXII Winter Olympic Games all information being received from the helicopter “GORIZONT AIR S-100” was coming and integrating on real-time basis to the uniform safety system of Olympic Games, and from the 7th of March – of Special Olympic Games.
UAV “Gorizont Air S-100” has been presented on the stand of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Rosmorport” at the course of VII International Exhibition “Transport of Russia” taking place in December of 2013. In 2014, UAV “Gorizont Air S-100” will be included into the Project of LK-25, ice-breaker of new generation.
In September 2012 OAO "Gorizont" took part in the Ninth International Exhibition "Gidroaviasalon 2012", where the demo flights of UAC “Gorizont Air S-100” were conducted . The prospects and capabilities of the unmanned aerial complex were appreciated in value.
Preparatory works are carried out for certification of UAV complex "Gorizont Air S-100". According to the latest decisions of the government, all UAVs are recognized as aerial vehicles and needs certification. The so called certification basis is required for certification, but there is no yet such certification basis in our country. That's why each developer compiles certification basis for each UAV type at its own discretion together with TsAGI and Interstate aviation committee.
UAV complex "Gorizont Air S-100" completed successfully the trials on the icebreaker board. The trials were carried out on the icebreaker board "Captain Sorokin" in the Baltic sea. During the trials the helicopter completed several flights. As a result of the trials, there was received fresh information on icebreaker deployment considerations, as well as ice reconnaissance and search and rescue works. There were found out additional requirements on the payload so that to solve tasks in such complicated ice situation.
On the 25th of August, 2.47 p.m., the crew Bershatskiy-Kantsur completed the first flight of the UAV system "Gorizont Air S-100" at the area of Russia and transmitted the data to the external source in real time mode. The main tasks on detection, identification and video surveillance of the objects were completed in full.