Multifunctionaldata display complex

Fields of use:
  • As the part of the distributed systems of video monitoring.
  • Transport and energy industries.
  • Situational centers.
  • Conference halls.
  • Studios and class rooms.
  • Control centers.
  • Chief offices.
  • Security, surveillance, advertising and show-business monitoring, etc.

    Video wall
    This is software and hardware equipment with the aim to enable simultaneous rendering of large number of various data received from different information sources. Multifunctional data display complex based on LCD displays () unique solution meets requirements of small control rooms, dispatch rooms, monitoring halls and chief offices with limiting small depth of installation (at most 10cm of wall-mounted variant and 80cm for floor-mounted modifications).
    The video wall consists of displays (in quantity of 2 64) integrated in reliable construct based on housing and controlled with high-duty external controller under operating system Windows XP, PRO or Windows Server 2003.

    Structural versions:
  • wall-mounted (only display with modules and set of data input);
  • floor-mounted (display on mobile support with controller and UPS);
  • desktop (only display with modules (up to 8) and set of data input).
    Modularity: 2-64 displays;
    Module dimension: 15", 17", 19", 21", 23" up to 32";
    General dimension: total of modules and external housing (10cm) dimensions;
    Resolution of one module: up to 16001200 pixels;
    Accumulated resolution of the display: depends on complex configuration, for example, for standard configuration 4x3 displays, resolution of integrated work field can be up to 51203072 pixels;
    Gap width between displays: depends on display (2030mm);
    Data inputs: selected depending on configuration and task: RGB, DVI, S-Video, Composite, standard delivery with 12 RGB inputs;
    Power consumption for a module: depends on display dimension (30-120)W;
    Power supply: from mains supply with voltage 220V (10%), 50Hz;
    Master controller: selected depending on complex configuration and tasks, based on high-duty server with multiports video cards, standard delivery with 12 RGB outputs.