Airfield Control Radio Technical Complex «AKSAI»

Designed to ensure the safety of aircraft movement during taxiing, take-off and landing, the detection and monitoring of special motor transport, technical facilities and other objects located on the runways, taxiways and aprons.
Airfield Control Radio Technical Complex «AKSAI» ensures:
Automatic or manual acquisition and auto tracking of more than 100 targets at once, their numbering, creation of heir distinct labels.
Radar environment display against background of an electronic chart of terrain with symbols of autotracked objects.
Continuous recording of the display' screen's image located at the ATC workplace during at least 40 days.
Recording of documented data on standard external digital data storages for further playback and analysis on personal electronic computers.
Airfield Control Radio Technical Complex "AKSAI" includes:
Equipment installed on the airfield control tower: An Industrial computer based hardware, a video monitor 27 ", a modem, an UPS running under control of ATC operator on duty.
Autonomous equipment of radio technical complex: Airfield Control Radio Technical Complex "AKSAI", equipment of optical-electronic rotating module, an Industrial computer based hardware, a video monitor 19 ", an UPS running in automatic mode without any personnel.
Turn-on, operating modes control, condition monitoring of radar and optical-electronic rotating module are provided remotely from the ATC operator's workstation, which is located on on the airfield control tower.
All equipment of Airfield Control Radio Technical Complex "AKSAI" is combined by the local area network.
Tactic and performance characteristics:
11 ft antenna.
Radar operates in frequency band 9380 - 9440 Mhz.
Minimum detection range - max. 30 m.
Resolution in direction - 0,5 °.
Range resolution - 15 m.
Optical-electronic rotating module with possibility to acquire and auto track the objects of interest in real time mode:
Visible Band Camera (Overview mode with low illumination level):
- Zoom in visible band: optical 26X (digital 12X);
- Wave length range: 0,35 ... 0,98 ?m;
- Picture elements: 752(H) x 582 (V).
Night Vision Camera:
- Cooled thermal imager;
- Zoom in IR band: fine optical 12,5X (1X - 16X - digital, continuous);
- Wave length range: 3,7 ... 4,8 ?m;
- Resolution: 640 x 512.
Power supply - industrial network ~ 50 Hz 220 V. Power consumption - max. 700 VA.
Radar relay provision: By wire line - up to 2 km; by fiber line - up to 30 km .
Continuous run time is not limited.
MTBF - at least 2000 h. Service life - at least 80000 h.
Total service life - at least 20 years.
Effective anti-jam facilities (against unintended interference, against hydrometeors).
Possibility of unlimited increasing of additional displays.
Possibility to back up any device from radar station.
SPTA set procurement according to customer's request.

Airfield Control Radio Technical Complex "AKSAI" can be manufactured with the maximum consideration of the requirements and possibilities of consumers. At the time of order the custom configuration of waveguide, number of display units and their location, need for backup, SPTA set, distance between the radar post and the airfield control tower are to be negotiated.