Vessel Traffic Control System (VTCS)

Provides water surface environment monitoring, detection of water surface objects, determination of their position and motion parameters. When the radar stations are located at a distance of up to 20 nautical miles from each other the entire area of responsibility is reliably covered. Information from radar stations is brought together on the screen of VTCS operator and makes an aggregate picture of the real water surface environment in harbour waters zone the and the adjacent coastline.

Performance characteristics:
Resolution in direction:
- 12 ft - 0,6;
- 18 ft - 0,45;
- 21 ft - 0,36.
Range resolution - 18 m.
Maximum error of direction measurement - 0,6.
Maximum error of range measurement 30 m.
br> Detection range for water surface targets, at least:
- 6 miles - for targets with RCS 6 m 2;
- 8 miles - for targets with RCS 25 m 2;
- 24 miles - for targets with RCS 300 m 2.
Optical-electronic rotating module with possibility to acquire and auto track the objects of interest in real time mode:
Visible Band Camera (Overview mode with low illumination level):
- Zoom in visible band: optical 30X;
- Wave length range: 0,4 ... 0,8 ?m;
- Picture elements: 762(H) x 572 (V);
- Horizontal Resolution - 480 TV lines.
Night Vision Camera:
- Cooled thermal imager;
- Field of view (21,7 x 17,5), (6,9 x 5,5) and (1,7 x 1,4)
- Wave length range: 3,7 ... 4,9 ?m;
- Resolution: 640 x 512.
The information is displayed on the monitor of operator's site.
Targets position measuring instruments:
- electronic range and bearing line;
- position mark;
- electronic ruler.
Range scales in nautical miles (NM) and km.
Electronic magnifier.
Multifunctional anti-clutter.
Setting of "guard zones" and zones of "anchorage protection" with alarm of being in zone or being displaced from anchor position.
Automatic detection and tracking of up to 250 targets with determination of position (relative, geographical) and motion parameters of targets.
Targets past position trails with adjustable time of their duration.
Input of styled chart.
Recording of the radar and service information with selectable time of records creation, playback of the recorded information on the screen of VTCS operator's site.
Ability to copy the recorded information.
Built-in control and troubleshooting system.
Protection against power failure.