Automated complex of surface situation monitoring "Rapsodiya"

Automated complex of surface situation monitoring ensures deployed areas coverage of monitored district.

Basic functions:
- Detection, recognition and auto tracking of all surface targets types with target labels acquisition.
- Radar information display on the electronic chart of monitored district.
- Automated guidance of surveillance and tracking facilities for guard zone's intruders.
- Integration possibility into automated systems of information collection and processing.
- Radar information and video image transfer on wire and radio channels in real time.
- Continuous video recording.

The complex includes:
Environment surveillance system:
• NRS.
• AIS.
• Optical-electronic system:
thermal imager;
video camera.
Location survey and orientation system:
• Satellite navigational receiver with satellite navigation radar system GLONASS and GPS.
• Auto leveling system.
Telecommunication and data communication system:
• VHF radio station.
Automatic technical diagnostics system.
Information and measuring system of parameter control.
Basic performance characteristics:

Number of operators 1.

NRS antennamitter 9ft, 10kW. Reserve NRS.

Detection range

Large target (NM)

At least 20

Medium target (NM)

At least 15

Minor target (NM)

At least12

Ultra minor target (NM)

At least 4

Radiation band (cm)


Coordinates measuring error

Bearing (degree)


Range (m)



Air speed (m/s) in-down position

Up to 50

Operating temperature range ()


Low atmospheric pressure (MmHg)


Atmosphere precipitation (mm/h)


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