Remote control panel

Remote control panel includes:
1. industrial computer:
- processor Intel Pentium Ě 1,8GHz;
- main memory – DDR 1Gb;
- flash disk – 6Gb;
- 2 channels like Ethernet 10/100 Ěbit/s;
- 4 channels with backup through the interface like “Manchester” according to state standards R 52070–2003;
2. video display 19”.
3. full-featured keyboard with built-in trackball.

The configuration of remote control panel is determined with mission tasks of the customer. Power supply - mains ~ 50Hz, 220V or DC power + 27V.
Power consumption – at most 250W.

Operating conditions:
- operational temperature - -50Ń° - +55Ń°.
- limiting temperature in switch-off mode - -50Ń° - +70Ń°.
- higher humidity - 98% at temperature +35Ń°.
- sinusoidal vibration with acceleration up to 2g in frequency range 1 - 200Hz in three planes.
- single shocks up to 30g with duration of shock acceleration within (0,5-2)ms.
Is designated for computing, registration, control and display of parameters' distributed distant objects groups.

Modification group 2.1.1, 2.2.1, 1.1, 1.3 according to state standards RV20.39.304.
Content of remote control panel can be modified according to the customer's performance specifications.