MPC for video surveillance "Patriot-Okapi-Ortikon"

This complex is intended for day-and-night video surveillance, detection and recognition of ground and surface targets.
Setting-up time of the complex is no more than 10 minutes.

- Electro Optical Long-Range Sighting System
- Laser Telemeter
- Location Survey System GLONASS (GPS)
- HF-VHF Radio Communication Station

Electro Optical System (EOS):
Direction range for super-small sea target:
- Visible band: at least 2 NM
- IR band: at least 2 NM
Direction range for person:
- Visible band: at least 6 km
- IR band: at least 6 km
Positioning rate of EOS is up to 65 /sec.

Viewing angle:
- horizontal: n x 360
- vertical: 35
Visible Band Camera

(Overview mode with low illumination level):
- Zoom in visible band: optical 30X
- Wavelength range: 0.4...0.8 pm
- Picture elements: 762(H)x572(V)
Horizontal Resolution - 480 TV lines

Night vision Camera:
- cooled thermal imager
- Fields of view (21.7x17.5), (6.9x5.5), and (1.7x1.4)
- Wavelength range: 3.7...4.9 (jm
- Resolution: 640x512

Maximum distance for range finding is at least 20 km (laser range finder).
Possibility to select and to monitor the fixed points in automatic mode
Possibility to monitor for a target simultaneously by means of video and thermal cameras
Zoom in mode.
Video information documenting and archiving