Navigational radar station "Nayada-25Ě1" is designated for equipment of ships with gross tonnage up to 10000 tonnes and above.
Meet requirements of IMO, IEC and Russian maritime register of shipping.

- wave length 3cm;
- diameter of antenna's rotation 3m;
- transmitter power 10kW;
- range scales up to 96 miles.

Display of ship's generalized information:
- geographical coordinates;
- course, speed;
- depth under keel;
- zone time.
- Interscanning accumulation.
- Scaling up of the selected area with its separate display in the additional display field.
- Image orientation to “HEAD-UP”, “NORTH”, “COURSE-UP”, modes RM and TM with off-centering within 2/3 image radius.
- Measurement of targets coordinates:
  • VRM and EBL;
  • electronic ruler;
  • position mark.
    - Automatic detection and audible alarm of targets in the guard zone, anchorage control.
    - Trails of targets past positions and true motion with adjustable time of its duration.
    - Autotracking of at least 50 targets with indication of their motion parameters and CPA with collision avoidance warning and safe passing trials maneuver (ARPA).
    - ARPA output to electronic marine charts.
    - Image and graphic data stabilization relative to the ground and water.
    - Navigation development and control (4 routes).
    - Built-in control of energy potential and trouble-shooting.
    - Receive and display targets' motion parameters from transponder AIS (on request).
    - Video image signal generation to RDR (on request).
    - Remote video display (on request).
    - Commutator for two NRS (on request).
    - Additional indicator (on request).
    - NRS variant for high-speed ships (on request).
    - Stand for floor-mounted indicator (on request).