Electronic Chart Display and Information System
meets requirements of IMO, IEC and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

- color image of digital marine charts on the display.
- selective control of display information.
- continuous display of ship location on the electronic navigational chart (ENC) based on data of position or number systems.
- preliminary plotting and scheduling.
- automatic maintenance of numbering and current plotting.
- automatic voyage data monitoring with warning alarm output.
- automatic monitoring of navigation safety based on data of the electronic chart with warning alarm output.
- reference information output on request about navigational and hydrographic objects of ENC at the current navigation area.
- charts data base control (correction, updating of ENC set).
- coordinate measuring (geographic and relative) of any ENC objects.
- solution of additional navigational tasks.
- parameters display of targets tracked by the radar in vector and digital forms.
- danger avoidance maneuver trial at the output to the following track course.
- keeping the electronic ship's journal, recording current course and navigation occasions.
- reproduction of registered navigational data.
- in addition it ensures performance of the following functions:
- integrated display of chart and radar information received from interfaced NRS, as well as automatic acquisition and tracking of up to 500 targets (option).

MK-21T ensures operation with the following charts types:
- TX-97 charts (vector).
- DX-90 charts (vector) option.
- ARCS charts (raster) option.
- BSB charts (raster) option.

Data exchange among GPS, NRS and other systems is carried out according to NMEA-0183 standard.

Technical characteristics:
- display type: LCD.
- diagonal size: 15.
- resolution: 1024768.
- effective size of electronic chart display: at least 240220.
- scale range: 1:1000 1:12000000.
- coordinate system: WGS-84.
- change-over time of new chart: at most 5s.
- bearing finding error: at most 0,3 degrees.
- range finding error: at most 25m.
- power consumption: 300 Volt-Ampere.