Information display of 19" for gas stations OUTDOOR TV.
Is designated for open space and outdoor.

Hardware units and components:
  • Module consists of two displays of 19".
  • Built-in G-Media player with opportunity to read automatically information on CF memory cards and others set up on the player.
  • Displays are equipped with special anti glare red-hot glass with low reflection index.
  • Glass protects against vandalism.
    Intended player variant with micro computer and net connection (built-in net card LAN, WiFi).

    Operating conditions:
  • operational temperature -35Ѱ up to +70Ѱ.
  • limiting temperature in switched-off mode -35Ѱ up to +70Ѱ.
  • higher humidity 85% at temperature + 30Ѱ.

    Fields of use:
  • Gas stations.
  • Stations, airports and other flock areas.
  • Open entertainment areas summer sites of bars, cafes and restaurants.
  • Park areas, beaches, open resting places.

    Possible to supply information monitors for data display received from information server through Ethernet interface.

    Technical characteristics:
  • dimension of image pixel 0,2940,294mm;
  • number of picture dots:
    - in horizontal 1280.
    - in vertical 1024.
  • contrast 300:1;
  • brightness at least 250 Cd/m²;
  • viewing angle:
    - in vertical at least 170;
    - in horizontal at least 170;
  • number of colors: 16,7mln;
  • power supply 220V, 50Hz.