Here is open hardware-software structure with possibility to build up subfunctions of ship automated control:
- continuous computing and displaying of ship location and motion parameters oriented to marine charts and radar image.
- possibility of preliminary and actuating route plotting.
- efficiency, adequate accuracy for navigational parameters.
- color division for information and high resolution of data displayed.
- integrated solution for navigation problems and ship collision avoidance warning.
- keeping the electronic ship's journal and reproduction of registered navigational information.
- improved reliability for navigation monitoring and collision avoidance.
- equipment compactness and ease of control.
- self-contained operation of component parts of the complex at one of the device failure.
- wide range of interfaced navigational equipment (liggers, gyros, receiver-indicator satellite systems, echo sounders).
- possibility to increase the number of indicators with ECDIS.
- store plotting on paper charts with the help of digitizer (optional).

The complex includes:
- NRS “Gorizont-25” (device AP, I-27M2K).
- electronic chart navigational-information system – “Pribor ĚĘ-54IS”.
- satellite navigational receiver ĚŇ-102 with power supply IP ~ 220/=24V.
- digitizer Yeoman Navigator Pro with communicator (optional).
- UPS – device IBP.
- printer.
-power distribution box.