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Over a distance of 70 years the joint stock company AO Gorizont holds a firm position in the Russian market among the manufacturers of shipboard navigational radars and costal radar surveillance complexes. The present day the radar navigational systems, as well as mobile and stationary complexes of Gorizont, ensure the ship traffic security and help to protect the borders of Russia.

For last 25 years the company is actively developing the international market where the products of AO Gorizont are estimated as complying with the international standards by the technical level, quality, user-friendliness and design. Over the last 20 years the complete upgrade of the product range has passed and has started the production of the new products types, such as: unmanned aerial complexes Gorizont Air S-100, control systems of ship equipment; integrated bridge systems; computation module of own design, industrial; LCD displays; multifunctional consoles with touch screens, airfield radar systems.

At the present time the company manufactures the up-to-date competitive and exportable products:
- unmanned aerial complexes;
- radar complexes of the offshore stripes surface situation control;
- ship traffic control systems ;
- shipborne radar and navigational station of surface situation monitoring;
- Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS);
- integrated navigational systems;
- shipborne bridge systems;
- industrial LSD displays of 40 standard sizes;
- control systems of ship equipment ;
- automated working stations and multifunctional consoles with touch screen control.

Export countries:
Brazil, China, Algeria, Greece, India, South Korea, Ukraine, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Cuba.

We are always ready to provide to you with our equipment in conformity with your request and requirements.