MCPC for surface lookout "Patriot-Okapi-Gals"

The complex is intended for technical control and monitoring of river, lake and offshore zone. Setting-up time of the complex doesn't exceed 10 minutes.

- Radar Module of X-band (pulse)
- Automatic Identification System Receiver (AISR)
- Electro Optical Surveillance System
- Location Survey System GLONASS (GPS)
HF-VHF Radio Communication Station

Radar Module:
Output power is at least 3 kW.
Maximum direction range for super-small sea target is at least 5 NM.
Direction resolution is 4.8, max
Range resolution on the scale 0.25 NM is 20 m, max
Circular scan rate is (24 2) rpm.
Sector operation mode is provided.

Coaxial Electro Optical System (CEOS):
Direction range for super-small sea target:
- Visible band: at least 2 NM
- IR band: at least 2 NM
Positioning rate of EOS is up to 100 /sec.
Visible Band Camera

(Overview mode with low illumination level):
- Zoom in visible band: optical 30X
- Wavelength range: 0.4...0.8 |jm
- Picture elements: 762(H)x572(V)
- Horizontal Resolution - 480 TV lines
Night vision Camera:
- Cooled thermal imager - Zoom in IR band: fine optical 12,5X (1X-16X - digital,continuous)
- Wavelength range: 3.7...4.9 pm
Resolution: 640x512