Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Gorizont Air S-100

The helicopter is developed as Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) vehicle, eliminating the need for a runway and ground aircraft equipment. It can be fitted with a wide variety of payloads (up to 50 kg) tailored to meet diverse user requirements and tasks.

Application areas:
- Maritime Security.
- Power lines monitoring.
- Precision Survey & Mapping.
- Environmental monitoring - environmental disasters of natural and technological origin (fire, oil spill, oil and gas pipelines breakout and etc.).
- Search and rescue mission in case of emergency situations.
- Piloting of the ships in ice-bounding conditions.

fully autonomous takeoff, waypoint navigation and landing.
Guidance and flight control modules perform map fixation and determine S-100 location in real-time on the digital chart of mission control screen corresponding to control panel with integrated reference data. Payload control work station allows the operator to perform continuous monitoring of particular indicators on the basis of flight mission data, video and photographic works.
In case of loss of control link, an automatic home point recovery function is activated.

redundant Inertial and Geographic Information (INS and GPS/GLONASS) Navigation Systems ensure highly accurate navigation and flight stability. The piloting information and flight control data are displayed on the mission control screen on operator's workstation.

Data/video image transmission:
fully digital, compressed video image (up to 4 parallel video channels) is transmitted in real-time from optical-electronic module to the ground control station and displayed on the mission control screen on operator's workstation.

Robust and reliable:
module construction with faceted fuselage is manufactured of strong and light material composite carboniferous fiber "Monokok"; engine of high-strength titanium and aluminum. The mechanical design has focused on reducing the number of limited-lifetime parts to a bare minimum.

LAN interface acts as highly reliable hub between ground components and provides an Ethernet link to higher-level networks for disseminating payload data.

Standard D/L range: 80/180 km (43/97 nm).
Dash speed: 120 kts (220 km/h).
Cruise speed: 55 kts (102 km/h) (for best endurance).
Max Endurance: 6 hours with payloads 35 kg.
MTO weight: 200 kg.
Empty weight: 100 kg.
- Length: 3110 mm.
- Height: 1040 mm.
- Width: 1240 mm.
Main rotor diameter: 3400 mm.